iPhone 6s Repairs 

We Repair/Replace the following parts for the iPhone 6s:

Check  Touch Screen Digitiser & LCD

Check  Power, Home, Volume, Buttons

Check  Battery and Charging Port

The price quoted includes labour and are inclusive of GST. 

If your issue is not listed above, we are more 

than happy to discuss your needs on (02) 8502 3499

Touch Screen & LCD Repair For:

touchscreen iPhone 6s Screen Replacement $140

touchscreen iPhone 6s Screen Replacement & LCD $170

homebuttoniphone4s iPhone 6s Home Button

powerbutton iPhone 6s Power Button

volume iPhone 6s Volume Button

battery   iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

energy iPhone 6s Charging Port + Microphone

iPad Repairs
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C
Samsung Galaxy
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Screen Repair:

iPad 2/3/4  $80

iPad Mini 1/2  $100

iPad Air  $100

iPad Air 2  $220


Screen Repair:

iPhone 6 Glass replacement from $99

iPhone 6 Plus Glass replacement from $120

iPhone 6S Glass replacement from $140

iPhone 7   Glass replacement from $190


Screen Repair:

iPhone 5   $70

iPhone 5C  $70

iPhone SE / 5S  $80

iPhone 4 / 4S $50


Screen Repair:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass & LCD $130

Samsung Galaxy S5 Glass & LCD $200

Samsung Galaxy S6 Glass & LCD Please Call

Samsung Galaxy S7 Glass & LCD Please Call